Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cedar Point: A Week in Review

Well, it's the end of our first real week giving you news and information about the greatest amusement park on Earth, so here's a week in review.


No new news regarding 2009 has been released by the park. According to a member of ACE, someone who works for the park stated that magnum will be getting a new sign and new decals on the trains, there will be new LED signs on the causeway, and a new interactive fountain will replace the "afro fountain" on the main midway. Although, in a post on Cedar Point's official blog, the park was hinting at improvements on the main midway (the fountain), near Magnum (the sign), and on the Frontier Trail, but it is still unknown what will be added to the trail.

Also, according to the official Cedar Point blog, it was announced that the park began preparations for the 2009 season by setting up rides. It appears in this blog post that Millennium's trains are ready, Maverick"s trains are ready, some thrill rides are being unwrapped, and some kiddie rides are awaiting assembly. Yay, 2009!

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