Monday, March 23, 2009

Cedar Point Fact of the Day

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with features, but I'm catching up this week. Here's another fact of the day!

Did you know that the oldest roller coaster that is still operating at Cedar Point is the Blue Streak? Located in the front of the park near Raptor, the Blue Streak is a nice classic coaster that is great for families as well! The Blue Streak was built in 1964, so 2009 will be its 45th season! Although the Blue Streak only stands a little over 70 feet tall, when it first opened, it was a monster. And even today, the Blue Streak continues to give riders massive amounts of airtime, and a seemingly out-of-control ride experience. So, even though the Blue Streak may be the oldest roller coaster in the park, and it may not be tall or fast, it is still a very nice ride experience!


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