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Cedar Point HalloWeekends 2008 Trip Report: November 1st and 2nd

Okay everyone, I know that this may be a little late, but the blog just opened, so it wouldn't have been able to post it any sooner anyway! Here's a trip report of my journey to Cedar Point on closing weekend, 2008.


I arrived at the park late Friday night, so I didn't go in that night, but I still visited on Friday and Saturday.


I went into the park early Saturday morning at 9:00 using my Platinum Pass (Boy, how could I live without that thing!?). I immediately went to Millennium Force. This time, I wasn't the first one on the ride for the day, but I was still on pretty fast. We only had to wait about five minutes, and like always, it was an amazing ride. So, when we got off, the line was still short, so we rode again! After Millennium, we headed over to Skyhawk, since Dragster wasn't open yet. Once again, this was an amazing ride, and we rode it twice! After that, we headed back down the Frontier Trail, and got on Iron Dragon. It's not one of my favorites, but we had a younger person with us, and we wanted to check the line for Dragster. For some reason, none of us could keep track of time that day, so we wanted to make sure that Dragster was open before we headed over. The ride was actually better than normal, and it was very fun.

We saw that Dragster was just about to open up, so we headed on over. We got on in 25 minutes, which I was very happy about. Dragster is my favorite ride in the park, because it's just so extreme. When we got off, we got back in line, and only waited 15 minutes! What a great day! After Dragster, we headed on over to Power Tower. I absolutely love this ride as well, and we rode it four times. The green is very intense!

So, by the time we got off Power Tower, it was lunch time. So, back to Chick-Fil-A! I really wish there were more of these up north! There's just something about their chicken sandwiches that makes them so delicious! And of course, when our bellies were full, we headed on over to Maverick. The line was a decent 1-and-a-half hours, but we all really wanted to ride! This roller coaster is amazing as well, and I love riding it! Ever since opening day in 2007, it's had a place in my heart.

Next, we walked back to the Main Entrance to meet someone, then we walked to Magnum. It was very bumpy, and some people I was with had really bad headaches when we got off. I was fine, but although I do love that ride, it has gotten a little rough over the years. After Magnum, we hit something a little smoother, Wicked Twister. I love this ride. I've only been riding it since August, but it is one of my favorites. It was an awesome ride. Next, we hit Chaos, since it was right there. For a small ride, it's very fun and enjoyable.

Time was flying by, so we needed one more ride before dinner. So, we went to Millennium again. It was about a half hour wait, but all well worth it. An excellent coaster, and by the time we got off, it was dinner time!

So, there we were in Tomo Hibachi about an hour later. I love this place! It was my third time going, and the food was excellent, and very entertaining! I really like the fried ride! If you ever get the chance, this would be an excellent place to go eat. After dinner, it was Halloween time for me! But, nobody else with me liked the HalloWeekends stuff, so I was all alone! So, I would meet everyone once the park closed, and I would go have fun in the park until then! But, it was only 7:30, so first I grabbed a quick ride on Wicked Twister to take up some time.

So, first on my list was Fear Faire, since I was at the front of the park already. I've heard a lot of bad reviews about this area, but honestly I've enjoyed it a lot ever since 2006 when it opened. There were some areas that the fog was blowing away, but most of the way through it was extremely foggy (and on an embarrassing note, I got lost in the middle and couldn't find my way out, and a few people were laughing at me). It can be very confusing if you go the wrong way sometimes!

Next, I headed back to CarnEVIL. I really love this walk-through, even though I did like it more when it was by Wicked Twister. It was very fun, and scary at the same time, and that darn monkey gets me every time! I actually find the people inside very interesting, and the skeleton scenes are quite funny (and sometimes disturbing)! I especially liked "Scull Ball", and the one with the people throwing knives at the dolls! Very cool!

Next was my personal favorite HalloWeekends attraction, Undertaker U.! The U.R. Dade School of Mortuary Science was simply amazing that day, and I was very impressed. The rooms were very hazy, the acting and scaring were really good, and it was really cool, because they were playing this really interesting rock music in the background, which really set the mood. I love the spinning tunnel and the strobe lights on that one ramp, because the people always get me there!

After Undertaker U., I walked through Fright Zone. I wasn't really too enthusiastic when I got in, because I noticed that there wasn't much going on. There weren't many people inside, and the fog was blowing away. But, I looked at the scenery off at the sides, and listened to the music, since the Fright Zone has the best music in my opinion! After I made it through, I walked back again, seeing it another time.

I decided to skip CornStalkers, because I had already been through it, and the line was very long, so I went back through Undertaker U.! That house just never seems to get old to me! In fact, I went through it nine times this year alone! Yes, I know, I seem like a freak... Anyway, next, I went back through CarnEvil. Very enjoyable, but afterwards, I went onto Terror Island. I had been through this many times already, but I thought it was very fun. And I love how long it is! The only wish I have is that they would put more stuff at the end. It was pretty much empty after 3/4 of the way through. But, over all, it's a very good attraction!

The park was about to close, and I was pretty worn out, so I headed up to the Main Entrance to leave. I decided to skip Club Blood and Pharaoh's Secret, since I was going to go through Club Blood again tomorrow, and I didn't like Pharaoh's Secret anyway. But, I did take one last trip through Fear Faire, which was even better than last time, and then I left the park. I had a very good day!


Today was a sad day, because it was the last day of 2008. It would be my last chance to ride my favorite rides until next year! But luckily, I had a great day.

Today I was with a new rider for many rides. We first headed for Raptor. The new rider person was really afraid, but loved it in the end. After all, Raptor is an excellent coaster. It's as smooth as glass, and has a superior layout. After that, we headed for Millennium. This time we had a different person that had never been on it. They were in for a treat. And, they loved it. And, so did everyone else! It's a great ride.

Now, as I've already said, there was someone who didn't ride Raptor, and someone who didn't ride Millennium. Well, neither of them had been on either Maverick or Dragster, so I was determined to get them on. Maverick was pretty easy, we just walked over, and rode. Everyone loved it. But Dragster... Well, we were sitting on a bench discussing it for around 15 minutes...

"Don't worry, it won't hurt you..."
"Umm... (15 seconds later) Well I don't know if I'll like it or not!"

Well, after our talk, both of them went with me to ride it. They were both shaking and wouldn't talk before we got on, but by the time the ride was over, they were ready to ride again! But, we decided to do something else first. Ride Power Tower. Neither of them had been on that before either, and I told them it's a "must ride". I rode with one of them on green, and someone else rode with the other person on red. It was very scary, but I think at least one person liked it! After that, we headed back to Dragster. Ahhh, what a great ride. And it was only a 15 minute wait! After that, they went to go ride Blue Streak, while I went through Undertaker U. Wow, I really like that haunted house!

After that, we had to go. But, I was forgetting one more thing! Club Blood! I had only been on it once that year, so I had to go again! Everyone else waited outside, while I went through. It was very fun. And it was my last thing to do at Cedar Point for 2008! I was so depressed! As I walked out of the park, I tried to capture everything as well as I could... It seemed like the year went so fast! But, then I had to go home. Home for another winter.


This was just one of my many trips to Cedar Point in 2008, and I probably won't be posting any trip reports from before September, but I may have more HalloWeekends reports, since I went up three times in 2008!

Anyway, I am very excited for 2009, and also very excited for HalloWeekends 13! Don't worry, Undertaker U., I'll be back next year!


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