Monday, March 30, 2009

Cedar Point Off-Season Pictures

Cedar Point has posted official pictures of the park preparing for the 2009 season on their official Facebook page. It has some nice pictures, but I did not see much to take note of. But, here are some interesting things to check out:

-There is a construction photo of the new fountain on the main midway. In case you haven't been staying informed, the park is adding a new interactive fountain on the main midway according to many members of ACE, although the park had yet to confirm it. It seems as if this is our official announcement.

-You will notice that in the same picture, the back spike on Wicked Twister is still missing.

-Also, throughout all of the photos, it looks like pretty much every ride is ready to be put together for 2009.

You can check these pictures out on Cedar Point's official Facebook page, here.


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