Friday, April 3, 2009

Website Layout

While news is still slow at Cedar Point, I thought I would take the time to elaborate on the website a little more. The website is in development now, and I have the directories basically planned out. At first, the site may not be fancy, but I am trying my best to get the best content possible on the site. Here's a sneak peak at what it will look like in the future (In no specific order):

I. News

II. Ride Database

A. Roller Coasters

B. Thrill Rides

C. Water Rides

D. Tranquil/Transportation Rides

E. Children's Rides

F. Carousels

G. Pay-Per-Ride

III. Planning a Visit

A. Hotels

B. Restaurants

i. In-Park Stands

ii. In-Park Restaurants

iii. Outside Restaurants

C. Special Events

D. Park Calendar

IV. HalloWeekends

A. Attractions

i. Haunted Houses

ii. Walk-Through Attractions

iii. For the Young Ones

iv. Other Attrations

B. History

C. Information

V. Soak City

A. Attractions

B. Information

VI. Challenge Park

A. Attractions

B. Information

VII. Castaway Bay

A. Attractions

B. Restaurants

C. Hotel Information

D. General Information

VIII. References

A. Links

B. Site Map

C. Contact Information

D. Site Information

IX. Contact Us

So, I think that we will definitely be good with content (Our navigation bar will start out with 10 items!), and it will be a good site to go and get Cedar Point news and information, along with the blog of course! Also, the Widget has been updated, and will be released after it is reviewed by Apple, so it could be any time now, so we will post it when it's announced!


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