Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cedar Point: A Week in Review

Cedar Point: A Week in Review, for Saturday, April 11, 2009.

Days left until opening: 35

This week we got all of the final plans for 2009. The highlight for 2009 will be the Starlight Experience. This new themed, lighted walkway will use over a million LED lights and many different scenes to depict the changing of the seasons. Also, the Peanuts will be in this area to greet children. The Starlight Experience will be located on the Frontier Trail. Also, a new sign on Magnum will be installed over the entrance to the queue line. In addition to this, there are improvements being made that you will notice even before you step into the park! There are going to be several new large LED displays on the causeway to give you park information. Also, the concrete at the main entrance is being replaced, and new LED signs will be placed above every ticket/admission booth to give guests park information as they walk in.

Not much else has gone on in the park, except we have seen many preparations for 2009, such as trains being put back on their tracks, and new concrete by the Sky Ride station.


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