Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Starlight Experience

Last Saturday I walked through the long awaited Starlight Experience, Cedar Point's most highlighted attraction for 2009. The Experience opened last Saturday, May 23, and a small preview was shown before it opened. I have one word to describe it-amazing. When you walk through during the day, you don't see much, but at night, you certainly do! The entire trail is covered in extremely bright LED lights, and there are other lights to illuminate buildings and trees, and some cool lights in Millennium Tunnel. Lots of lights. If you start at Millennium Tunnel, you first enter winter, and go through fall, summer, then spring (I guess I went through it backwards!), or if you start at Snake River Falls, then it is the opposite. There are numerous cool special effects throughout the trail, and I won't give it away, so make sure that you check it out the next time you are in the park.

The show started around 9:00 PM, and on the 23rd, the trail closed at around 8:35 PM to set up parts of the show. Since then though, the trail is closed for a much shorter time, and some people have noted that people are allowed through the trail, as long as it stays organized, although I can't confirm this until the next time I see it. There are new signs up by the entrance to Millennium Tunnel and on top of the new Frontier Trail sign that I described earlier. Overall, it was great experience and it will be something that I will try to get through most nights that I'm in the park. I was oohing and ahhing all the way!


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