Friday, June 5, 2009

Cedar Central's Weekly Cedar Point Tip

Tip #2) If you plan on visiting Cedar Point many times, make sure you get a Platinum Pass. A Platinum Pass is basically a Season Pass with many more benefits. A) The Platinum Pass works at every Cedar Fair park. So, from Cedar Point, to Carowinds, to Knott's Berry Farm, you get all of the benefits. B) Free admission. Well, of course, this is probably the number one reason to get a pass to the park. You get unlimited admission to the park all year, including HalloWeekends. C) ERT and Early Entry. Every day of the operating season, you will be allowed to get into the park an hour early, with several rides such as Millennium Force and Maverick running. This is a great opportunity to get a lot of rides! There are also special dates where rides are reserved for Platinum Passholders, usually after the park closes for the day. Pretty cool! D) Discounts. The Platinum Pass will get you many different discounts throughout the year. E) Snazzy free stuff! Sometimes if you buy your Platinum Pass during a promotional period, you can get cool stuff. Like last year you got a snazzy "Cedar Fair VIP" windbreaker, perfect for cooler days in the park. When you bought a 2009 Platinum Pass, you got free admission to HalloWeekends (Well, if you didn't have a pass already!). F) Free parking. When you show your Platinum Pass at the parking booth, you will never pay a dime for parking.

So, a great tip for any Cedar Point fan is to get a Platinum Pass. The benefits will go on and on, and it is definitely a great buy!


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